Yield Management Made Simple

When we designed GuestPoint®, we recognized the challenges facing small properties in developing a Yield Management strategy and in finding the time to manage it. GuestPoint includes a powerful and easy-to-use tool that constantly monitors your occupancy and adjusts room rates automatically, based on simple rules you create. This can help you significantly increase profitability. 

With GuestPoint you can very easily:

  •  Increase your rates by a fixed amount,or percentage, once you reach a pre-set occupancy
  •  Decrease your rates by a fixed amount,or percentage, if you are below a pre-set occupancy
  •  Set the days of the week to adjust rates
  •  Set different increases, decreases and occupancy levels for short-, medium- and long-term date ranges
  •  Specify any rates not to be adjusted

For example, you might decide to increase your rates by $10 once you reach 80% occupancy within the next 5 days and decrease rates by $15 if you have not reached 60% occupancy within the same date range. You might also increase rates by $5 when you reach 70% occupancy between 6 to 15 days out. 

Once you set these rules, GuestPoint automatically takes care of the rate changes across all of your online sales channels. At any time, you can quickly make changes and adjust the strategy for different times of the year when your booking trends change e.g., Christmas and school holidays.

Maximizing Your Revenue Just Got Easy

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