Online Bookings with GuestPoint

The challenge with integrating online bookings is overcoming the possibility of overbookings without spending countless hours a day monitoring and updating inventory.

GuestPoint® safely immerses your property into the online world. Over 50% of all accommodation bookings are made online and this figure continues to grow. Smart properties cannot afford to be left behind in this vital area.

GuestPoint includes a number of ways your customers can book online, which gives you broad coverage on the web to drive online bookings. Most importantly, GuestPoint keeps the inventory available and rates completely synchronized so all you need to do is sit back and watch the bookings come in.

WebPoint is the commission-free online booking page that comes included with GuestPoint at no extra fee. To use it, all you need to do is have a booking button link from your website to your WebPoint page.

When guests book, their booking will drop straight into the GuestPoint Reservation Plan (Tape Chart) and your guests receive a detailed confirmation email automatically. Their credit card details are securely stored in our PCI-Compliant Secure Credit Card Vault or you can process a deposit for full payment.

Mobile Bookings

You also get a mobile version of your WebPoint page. More and more accommodation bookings are made through mobile phones and tablets, so it is nice to know you're covered here.


GuestPoint also includes a Facebook booking page. If you have a Facebook page for your property, you can easily add the WebPoint booking page. You can also offer automated discounts if guests "Like" you.

Channel Manager Connection

Selling rooms via the many online travel agents (OTAs) such as Booking.com, LastMinute.com etc has become essential for properties to compete for business. With the need to be on many sales channels, it is impossible to manage without a Channel Manager tool. GuestPoint seamlessly integrates with SiteMinder, ResOnline, STAAH and Seekom, four of the most popular channel managers.

As a room is sold via one of your online travel agents (or booking sites), the reservation is automatically sent to GuestPoint, which reduces available inventory. GuestPoint then instantly updates your own commission-free online bookings sites (WebPoint, WebPoint Mobile and Facebook) and sends an update to the channel manager, which in turn updates all online travel agent sites. All of this happens automatically 24/7 even when you are busy with other aspects of managing your property or sleeping!

  •  Commission-free online bookings
  •  Mobile booking site
  •  Facebook integration
  •  Connect to Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com and many more channels via a channel manager

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